Office is Closed for the holidays
Our offices are now closed for the holidays.   We wish to thank you for a record breaking year.  We were able to get through it with limited staff due to Covid but we are so thankful that we have done so well with other small businesses closing this year.   In fact we are so excited to announce we are moving into an extra 5000 sq ft building the first of the year and expanding.   

Our Social Media crew will be working from home through the holidays and launching part of our Spring line.  And, end of year sales will be launched.  So make sure you have signed up for our email updates.  Just check the bottom of this page here.  You will not want to miss the styles we have planned for you next year.   

If you have a problem with a holiday order we will get you taken care of as soon as possible when we return on 1/4.  Please call our office then and please be patient with them.  We still only have one staff member per office right now while Covid is still raging.   Our phone ring constantly in normal times with limited staff to answer so I am sure after a major holiday the phone lines will be jammed on 1/4.   We promise to get to each of you as always.   

The support email is not monitored right now.   We are behind on refunds and both of these have never happened before to us.   Again, we have one staff member who does all emails and refunds and she was out quite a while dealing with a death.  She had hoped to be caught up before leaving for the holidays and she is still working on them.   They should be done by tomorrow.   If she missed you in this chaos of a season, we are very sorry and promise to get it corrected.  Please give us a call on 1/4 and we will take care of you right away.   

Thank you so much for the best year yet and we can't wait to see what next year holds.   We have huge plans and high high hopes for 2021.  

Merry Christmas from all of us here at JillyBug's   


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